Ucayali Invites Tourists to Celebrate the Traditional ‘Feast of San Juan’

Led by its regional governor, Francisco Pezo, Ucayali invited tourists to visit and participate in the traditional ‘Feast of San Juan’, which takes place in Pucallpa between June 15 and 24. Pezo also said that Ucayali is the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon and the region offers great biological diversity and cultural richness. This celebration coincides with the creation of the department of Ucayali, which is celebrated on June 18.

Segundo Pérez Collazos, provincial mayor of Coronel Portillo, reported that regional and local authorities are currently working in a unified manner to invite all of Peru to participate in this festivity. «We have wonders to share with Peru and the world», he said.

It was reported that one of the attractions main attractions of the event is the Gastronomic Festival, where varied Amazonian cuisine will be offered. In addition, the program includes artistic, cultural and sports activities. Moreover, tourist routes to visit the Regalia Falls in Curimana, a lake located in Yarinacocha and suitable tourism and adventure, haven been recently implemented.

Fuente: Andina

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