Peruvian avocados: Greater Early-Season Volumes Mark “New Trend” for Industry

Exports of Peruvian avocados this year have seen much greater volumes in the early stages of the season.
ProHass president Daniel Bustamante said this is due to newer orchards in the north coming online and extending the season. “Last year was a great production year, both in terms of fruit sizing and fruit volume,” he told

“The season was long due to many factors including the record production the climatic conditions that delayed the dry matter development of the fruit.”

Bustamante said that the front-end season extension this year is a new trend for the industry. “The avocado harvest in Peru is 30% complete. It is a different campaign from previous years because this year and from now on it will have a much longer season,” he said.

“Last year, climatic conditions meant that the season was longer. There were shipments until September and October, but that was not normal. The longer season this year is mainly due to this early start, resulting from growth in the early regions in March and April.”

Fuente: Fresh Fruit Portal

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