Peru agro-exports break record in Jan-Aug 2018

Peruvian agro-exports totaled US$3.836 billion between January and August 2018, up 16% from the same period last year, Peruvian Agricultural Guild Association (AGAP) informed.

According to AGAP, agriculture remains the Inca country’s second-major exporting sector, mainly underpinned by fresh fruits and vegetables, which registered a 22% rise.

Shipments to Spain are about to match 2017’s (US$158 million), as exports to said country have amounted to US$154 million (26%) in the first eight months of this year, meaning four more months of exports are left.

On the other hand, sales to Chile have totaled US$44 million so far this year, thus expanding 144% compared to last year (US$26 million).

Furthermore, Inca country’s exports to South Korea (US$68 million, +120%) and Japan (US$19 million, +34%) have also exceeded the figures registered in 2017 (US$57 million and US$18 million, respectively).


As for products, exports of fresh avocados reached US$672 million between January and August 2018, a 20% increase compared to last year’s total (US$581 million).

Fresh mangoes sales have totaled US$202 million thru August 2018, surpassing 2017 numbers (US$192 million).

Likewise, shipments of pomegranates amounted to US$68 million in the aforementioned period, a 12% expansion compared to last year (US$58 million).

With regards to fresh vegetables, capsicum sales totaled US$1.2 million in the first eight months of the year, surpassing the numbers registered in 2017 (US$1 million).

Peruvian agro-exports’ top destinations during the analyzed period were Europe (US$912 million, +20%), North America (US$675 million, +17%), Asia (US$247 million, +30%), South America (US$69 million, +72%), and Central America (US$32 million, +44%).


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