Pasco and its Natural Charms as a Tourist Attraction

Among the tourist attractions in Cerro de Pasco, the replica of the bell clock built in the upper area of the Yanacancha district stands out. From this place it is possible to see the whole city.

Near the city, 25 minutes away from the Plaza de Armas, the sanctuary of the Lord of Puncuy is located. In this place, tourists are able to observe an image of a crucified Christ painted on a cross that resembles the Lord of Muruhuay de Tarma. Another attraction is the Huayllay Stone Forest, located 45 kilometers away from Pasco. There, it is possible to find a forest formed by capricious stone figures, where nature lovers can do experiential tourism, rock climbing and trekking. Those who arrive in Pasco can enjoy the variety of typical dishes, including pachamanca, charquican, green broth, lamb broth and corn husk.

The archaeological complex of Astobamba, the thermal baths of Villo, the Inca roads, and other striking places are located in Yanahuanca. In the province of Oxapampa, inside the Amazon rainforest, there are several attractions such as the Yanachaga and Chemillen national park.

Finally, in the district of Villa Rica tourists are able to visit the Shollet forest; In Pozuzo, they can appreciate the houses that preserve the history of the first Austro-German migrants. Five kilometers away is the town of Prussia, and by doing a two-hour walk, they can visit the Delfín waterfall; as well as other attractions.

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