Lambayeque’s Export Offer

Cranberry has become the star of Lambayeque’s export offer. In the first five months of this year, blueberry exports from this region grew exponentially reaching nearly US$ 8 million dollars, said the Association of Exporters (Adex).

The business union revealed that Lambayeque’s export basket has changed and has now become a purely agro-export region. Adex said that Lambayeque’s agricultural exports are headed by avocados (US$ 72.7 million), grapes (US$ 13.6 million), mangoes (US$ 11.1 million), passion fruit juice (US $10.1 million) and blueberries (US $7.8 millions).

Its traditional exports totaled approximately US$ 17 million and increased by 27.4%, being led by coffee shipments (Lambayeque is a collecting region) that as of May this year reached US$ 12.1 million. With respect to their non-traditional exports, they had a 92.22% share and their shipments reached approximately US$ 204 million, being headed by avocados, other vegetables prepared or preserved without freezing, fresh grapes, fresh or dried mangoes, mango cooked in water or steamed, passion fruit juice, prepared or preserved mangoes and blueberries.

Specialists argue that if Lambayeque maintains an exports annual average growth rate of 2%, it could increase by US$ 300 million until 2021, because last year exports closed at 525 million dollars.

Fuente: Andina

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