‘Honey Route’ Sweetens More Tourists Than Ever

The ‘Honey Route’, a rural enterprise carried out by the company Ecoservperu in the Pomac Forest’s Historical Sanctuary, in the Lambayeque region, increasingly attracts domestic and foreign tourists interested in living a different and environmentally friendly experience. The trip consists of visiting the Karl Weiss House, the Pomac Forest and then a beekeeper’s workshop that teaches how bee honey is produced, how bees are taken care of and how to obtain organic honey.

The manager of Ecoservperu, Dante Diaz Vasquez, indicated that through the Tourism Emprende program, a year ago he obtained financing and worked on four tourist circuits in the protected natural area: of birds, bicycle tourism, honey and handicrafts. «With the support of our local partners, tourists can visit the businesses located in the buffer zone of Pomac III, Illimo, Pacora and Tucume, and live an unforgettable experience», he told Andina. He also stressed that the Honey Route is working because the new tendency of the receptive tourist is to know the development of the local economy and its traditions.

«We have received tourists from Washington (United States), as well as from the Netherlands and Spain who are looking for this type of experience. People from Chiclayo and Lima have also arrived”, he said. He also remarked that the four sustainable routes are in operation, where you can learn to weave, observe the endemic birds of the Pomac Forest – the Peruvian cutter, the swallow of Tumbes and others – and enjoy a sunset in the pyramids of a pre-Columbian tomb.

It is an unparalleled experience where tourists, in addition to living with the local population, can learn to make crafts and then visit the sanctuary during the sunset, which is impressive», Diaz concluded.

Fuente: Andina

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