Agua Dulce Beach, the paradise for bathers at Costa Verde seashore

Thousands of residents pack Agua Dulce (Fresh Water) Beach —the most popular beach destination along the Costa Verde seashore in Lima’s Chorrillos district— to enjoy the ocean and rays of sunlight this summer.

Entire families, couples, young people, and mothers with their children lie on the warm sand in this part of the coastal region, which is always ready to welcome free souls and nature lovers.

Beauty has its own rules, and for that reason, this beach does not necessarily feature gorgeous bodies but happy people who enjoy marine freshness from early in the morning until the sunset.

Despite the number of multicolored umbrellas and street vendors —selling everything from swimwear, hats, and Leche de Tigre (ceviche juice) cups to sunscreens, earrings, and necklaces— unbelievably, people have fun at Agua Dulce.

This beach is a paradise for loyal bathers. In fact, it is their benchmark of summer.

Agua Dulce belongs to all Lima inhabitants including foreigners who chose the capital city to settle down and enjoy the benefits of this recreational area in the summer.

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